Join The Herd

Many people join a gym for the physical results – strength & health. We go well beyond this. Our brand new facility, quality equipment, sound coaching, and unique fitness community keep people coming back for more.

Culture Of Progress

Created almost spontaneously, our fitness community has created a unique culture- one that has people improving themselves inside AND outside the gym. Whether it’s sharing recipes, sending you a nudge to get back to the gym, you will feel like you truly belong as part of the herd. After only a few weeks you will feel like a different person!

man placing weight plate on barbell
man carrying yellow barbell

Personalized Nutrition Program

Ditch diets for good – work with a Registered Dietitian.

Our main goal is to create a sustainable eating pattern that will leave you confident and healthy for the years to come. If you have been duped by diet culture and need some professional advice, get started on our nutrition program today.

Gym Memberships

And Members Only Access

Our unique class model offers a high quality strength & conditioning program within 45 minutes, small groups of 10-12 individuals to allow for quality coaching, and access to a workout tracking app. In addition, all members have access to our member only area for additional perks. 

Everything You Need

Classes, personal training, nutrition programs, supplements and swag, as well as plenty of options to top up your fitness and recovery at home. We have plenty to offer and need individuals like you to grow the herd. 


24 Hour


Personal Training


Nutrition Program


Supplements & Swag


At Home Programming


Community Events

Questions? Contact us!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out. You can contact us through the button below, or send a message on our social media!  We’re on Facebook and Instagram